Transportation Services

For more than 50 years, Dynamic has been transporting goods cost-effectively and quickly through our clients’ supply chains.

We are a logistics industry leader, providing personal service and maintaining control and visibility via the web and EDI updates throughout the process.

Transportation Services:

Pier/Rail Drayage

Dynamic owns and operates an extensive fleet of local tractors and drivers at the gateway ports of entry in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida.

We provide daily ocean container recovery at all piers and domestic railheads, for transport directly to our customers’ distribution centers and warehouses. In addition, we also provide local distribution and warehousing services to our customers if needed. Event updates are provided via the web or an EDI transaction status notification at a delivery order, shipment, PO or carton level.

As part of our CTPAT certificate, we constantly monitor to ensure compliance with the rules, procedures, and industry standards that govern the safe and secure handling and processing of ocean shipments and containers. In addition to handling all types of consumer products, we are a recognized industry specialist for GOH (Garment-on-Hanger) and fashion apparel handling including ocean container loading, unloading, processing and transportation. We have more than 20 years of experience in the handling of fashion products to ensure they arrive in floor-ready, saleable condition.

We also offer a complete range of integrated services including:

  • Ocean container trans-loading services, including GOH and Cartons
  • Reconciliation at the SKU level or apparel style/color/size level
  • For retail department stores, compliant pick-and-pack and distribution services at the store/door level
  • On-site facilities for repairs, woven dry cleaning, pressing, woven label change, ticketing, bagging, hanger changes, etc.
  • An efficient, economical air and ocean consolidation service
  • Stage and release programs for future delivery dates and new store openings
  • Transload and release programs to distribution centers and via common carriers

National Ocean and Air CFS Network

Dynamic owns and operates bonded Container Freight Station (CFS) services, warehouses, and transload centers located at the airports and nearby steamship line piers.

Services include; AMS customs entry and release, freight recovery, de-consolidation and consolidation. Our airport freight management teams and operations are well known in the airport and pier community for ensuring speed, reliability and full accountability. We work closely with all our customers’ House Brokers and Forwarders to coordinate and expedite the smooth transition of inbound shipments from the moment an aircraft lands or a ship docks. Dynamic provides complete airfreight and ocean freight trans-loading services for all cargo, and in addition, are specialists in handling garment-on-hanger (GOH) and fashion merchandise. Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours, including pickup at the airport or pier, strip, verify and trans-load to an outbound carrier.

Our CFS operations take full advantage of our nationwide transportation resources to expedite the flow of product especially during industry peak seasons.

Deconsolidation & Transloading

The need for efficient supply-chain management at the port of entry is key to moving products efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively from ports and airports to their destinations.

Through our Transloading Services and supported by our specialized fleet of trucks, sortation conveyors and material handling systems we are able to sort at any level and provide just-in-time sortation enabling our customers to take advantage of last-minute changes in business conditions, weather, ad sales, and load balancing conditions. All of our facilities offer additional storage and holding capacity, enabling us to ship products on demand.

Pick-up & Consolidation

Dynamic understands the urgency that is attached to the shipment of goods by air, and our recovery system is both expert and expeditious.

We own and operate specialized trucks equipped with rollerbed and flatbed conveyors to “sweep” the U.S. gateway airports (LAX, JFK, Miami). These multiple daily sweeps enable us to efficiently recover airfreight containers of all specifications from small size LD3s to larger M1 airline pallets. We are garment-on-hanger and carton specialists. All of our transportation is equipped with 24/7 GPS tracking and we provide advanced EDI visibility. We offer full Container Freight Station (CFS) services that enable us to utilize our assets at the airport. We make multiple, daily sweeps at every airline to recover freight in bond and transload that onto trucks, expediting the delivery of your product and gaining one to two days in the supply chain. We feature turnaround times as short as 24 hours; including pickup at the airport, strip, verify and transload to the outbound carrier.

We provide full airfreight trans-loading services, specializing in hanging garments and flat-pack apparel shipments. We are fully capable of stripping air cans, verifying contents against the packing list, and providing the receiving information electronically back to our customers. We work closely with all our customers’ customs house brokers to coordinate and expedite the smooth transition of inbound shipments—from the moment an aircraft lands—to our customers’ domestic distribution centers.

North American Bonded Line Haul

A strong domestic road transportation service partner is critical to success in fashion retail logistics.

A service provider who can put a truck at the right location at the right time needs to be part of your team. Dynamic owns and operates a national line-haul fleet of tractors and trailers, with service to all points in North America. Our modern fleet is refreshed every three years and is equipped with state-of-the-art GPS satellite tracking systems that enable us to track each shipment around the clock. To We complement our national line-haul fleet with a fleet of line-haul equipment specialized for garment-on-hanger. Our IT infrastructure supports both EDI standard notifications as well as numerous proprietary supply-chain management systems, –thereby offering exceptional visibility of your product throughout the process at both a shipment and purchase order level. Dynamic improves the process of moving product from point A to B—making it as seamless and cost-effective as it should be.

Regional LTL (Less Than Truckload)

Having a truck available at a moment’s notice is crucial to late-breaking PO confirmations and “just-in-time” arrival of products from overseas or domestic shipping locations.

A regional LTL transportation resource is essential to the success of any apparel logistics supply chain. With fast and reliable transportation resources dedicated to the fashion and retail industry, Dynamic operates its modern fleet in the strategic gateways of Los Angeles, New York and Miami–with bonded “sweep” programs at airports, piers and rails. Our LTL fleet includes open-rollerbed trailers, closed-rollerbed trailers, and GOH-equipped trucks with GPS tracking.

Store Deliveries

Whether full transfer haul or pool distribution, Dynamic has the experience and the assets to make the last mile of the supply chain as efficient and effective as the first mile.

For forty years Dynamic has provided the service to ensure that products are available where and when they need to be to reach their customers. Our store delivery operations extend from full transfer haul moves as well as pool distribution services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Garment-on-Hanger Specialists

The fashion industry is unique and demanding. Dynamic operates one of the largest third-party garment-on-hanger warehousing and distribution facilities in North America.

Our warehouses are multi-tiered and fully fitted for rapid movement. Our modern fleet of vehicles is specialized for GOH. Flatpack apparel GOH is SKU-verified, sorted by style, size and color and subject to very tight inventory locator controls. Hanging garment deliveries arrive “store ready.” Dynamic offers an impressive array of value-added services tailored to the apparel industry, including pressing, repair, re-ticketing, re-bagging and security attachments. And these are just some of the reasons why Dynamic is the industry leader in the movement of retail and apparel industry goods.

Dynamic Worldwide has been serving the logistics needs of retailers and consumer product manufacturers for more than 50 years.