Dynamic Worldwide Announces the Opening of a Shanghai Free Trade Zone Distribution Center

Dynamic Worldwide Logistics announced the opening of a new free trade zone distribution center in Shanghai, China. The facility will enhance the supply chain strategy for their clients throughout the world, increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Dynamic’s Shanghai Free Trade Zone Facility creates many supply chain advantages and opportunities.

Factories can apply for VAT refund immediately upon shipment entry into the free trade zone. Clients can defer duty outlay until product is shipped out of the free trade zone. VAS services and complete distribution are also available. Other benefits include the minimization of labor costs for re-handling at destination, a centralized inventory enhancing and creating seamless order fulfillment including global direct to consumer fulfillment.

Dynamic Worldwide has been serving the logistics needs of retailers and consumer product manufacturers for more than 50 years. Dynamic features an impressive array of assets including more than three million square feet of distribution space in North America, transportation services featuring a fleet of trucks and trailers and locations around the world and throughout Asia. Dynamic Worldwide has developed the most comprehensive service offerings specifically suited to the ever-changing logistics demands of today’s manufacturers and retailers.



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